Construct 2 Capx – Menu Screen

A complete project of a main menu for 2d Games using Scirra Construct 2

This project includes a fully functional main menu to bootstrap your games.


  • Mouse, Touch and keyboard compatible.
  • Navigate the menu using the keyboard.
  • Options Menu popup with animation.
  • Button Animation on mouse hover.
  • Button Animation on Click.
  • Fade In Animation in the menu.
  • Menu Selection with custom image.
  • Dynamic Menu with unlimited number of options.
  • Documented Project.
  • All graphics can be replaced.
  • 9 Pieces popup background image for dynamic lossless sub-menus.
  • Compatible with Construct 2 v244 and newer.


This project is help you start faster on creating a menu for your game. You will still need to customize the graphics and complement the buttons actions for your game.

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