Construct 2 CAPX – XML Hangman Game Template

A Hangman game template for Construct 2 using dynamic XML file as source for the words

The game template includes:

  • Dynamic Languages
  • Dynamic Level of Dificulty
  • Latin Characters
  • Easy to customize and add new words in the XML
  • XML based words
  • XML file included in the project. Just open, edit and re-import.
  • Customizeable hangman sprites.
  • Simples and documented logic.
  • Win condition and lose condition applied already.
  • Actions for wrong and right guesses
  • Ready for scoring
Download CAPX for Free Preview the Project

Sample XML used in the template:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<Group level="easy">
<Word id="1" letters="7" language="portuguese" clean_word="palavra">p|a|l|a|v|r|a</Word>
<Word id="2" letters="5" language="portuguese" clean_word="feliz">f|e|l|i|z</Word>
<Group level="very_hard">
<Word id="1" letters="15" language="portuguese" clean_word="verossimilhança">v|e|r|o|s|s|i|m|i|l|h|a|n|ç|a</Word>

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