Construct 2 CAPX – Google Play High Score and Achievements

The most requested one is here. A Scirra Construct 2 CAPX file with the implementation of a simple High Score and Achievements system. 

The sample system is made on top of the Flapping Bird template provided by the Construct 2 software within it’s package. You can compare both projects to see everything that was done.

This sample includes:

  • User High Score
  • Saving user High Score
  • Listing Achievements
  • Unlocking Achievements
  • Listing High Scores
  • Sign In
  • Auto-Sign In

To make it fully functional, you need to add your client ID and Secret on Google Play plugin and change the ID’s of all achievements and highscore. The ones there are placeholders.
Please check here how to do it:

Password: - Please don't hot-link. Share the page, share our work.


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