Construct 2 Capx – Enemy AI

A set of several enemy AI movement ready to go for your platform game on Construct 2 Engine.

The CAPX includes the follow features:

  • Enemy AI – Side to Side Movement on solids horizontals and slopes. Both directions.
  • Enemy AI – Lock Movement Within Platform using logic check instead of invisible walls. No need to add hundreds of invisible sprites.
  • Dynamic Grid Size for any type of game and resolution.
  • Enemy AI – Step Down from higher platforms to lower ones one grid bellow.
  • Enemy AI – Step Up from lower platforms to higher ones on grid size above (jumping)
  • Enemy AI – 3 Dynamic Line of Sight Modes that can be combined.
  • Enemy AI – Line of Sight Mode 1: Move faster while can see the player. 180 degrees of LOS.
  • Enemy AI – Line of Sight Mode 2: Move faster in the player direction while within 300px. 360 LOS
  • Enemy AI – Line of Sight Mode 3: 360 LOS, chase player jumping sometimes.
  • Dynamic modes, full customize-able:
    – Can Fall;
    – Can Chase Player;
    – Can Walk Side to Side;
    – Can Jump Platform;
    – Can Step Down:
    – Chase Towards Player;
    – Chase Forward Only;
    – Chase While Jumping;
  • Dynamic Enemy Speed and settings.
  • Family Based Solids. You can separate solids that can be jumped, step down, which the enemy can or cannot fall from and walls to change enemy direction.

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